Time To Change The Beginning.

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Day 4 and I am writing a new beginning.  No, I am not throwing out the two letters, but have decided that they need something in front of them.  So I thought I would introduce Elizabeth Lavenza and her circumstances and then after a couple of pages of that changed again and am starting with the monster, going into Elizabeth and then the letters.

So, to begin. . .again. . .

The creature awoke.  Pain filled his being and shapes and colours floated in front of him, one shape much larger than the others.  The larger shape became larger still until, for a brief second it was all there was and then, emitting a sound he could not understand, was suddenly gone.

He lay still for a while in blackness, then felt a strange twitching sensation and various shapes and colour reappeared.  A slow blink momentarily eliminated this vision and then it was renewed.  He blinked a few more times as his brain tried to interpret it all.

Something new entered the display, something of his.  He knew this because it brought pain with it.  He held it close and examined it, turning it, twisting it, opening and closing it and wriggling its various pieces.  He had discovered his hand.  His curiosity satisfied, he allowed it to drop.  It fell into his open eye and he emitted a small hoarse yelp.  A second limb, similar to the first, appeared to remove the offender from his face.

He lay a while longer and then his view changed.  He was seated.  Freed of the table,  his head turned one way then the other.  Fresh shapes appeared.  He slowly became aware that he was in a room.  His unknown limbs must have retained some memory of their original functions for in another minute his body left the table and he was standing.  This position could not be maintained though and he crashed to the floor.  The pain this brought about was immense and a barely audible groan left his lips.

Not satisfied in its crumpled position, his body re-collected its limbs and he was vertical once more, this time his hands gripping the table for support.  He felt the presence of his foot, moved it along the floor and propelled himself towards a chair, his first step.  He extended his hand to the chair and leaned his weight against it.  He remained upright.  Within a few minutes he had mastered this new ability and walked around the large room he found himself in peering at things, smelling things, touching things.  He amused himself thus for close on two hours at which point he discovered the door and its function.  He entered a new area and repeated his explorations.  He discovered another large area and another door.  Through this door though was something new, a large bed, and within its curtains another creature much as himself.  He moved the curtains aside and peered in.  There was a face laying on a pillow.  This face he recognized as the first object he had seen and felt a happy warmth flow through him at its familiarity.  He bent down to explore it further smelling its flesh and listening to its breath.  He moved to the foot of the bed and examined the shape beneath the covers.  All of this, the face, the shape, the smell was somehow something he knew, something that was his.  He stood there some time holding open the curtains admiring this wonderful new thing.  Then this new creature’s eyes opened and the face stared back at him.  The sound of its breathing stopped.  The creature did not know the words horror or revulsion, but he recognized their presence all the same.  Neither did he know despair and desolation, but he felt them most acutely.  He let go the curtains and retreated from the room as he experienced yet another new sensation — his cheeks had become wet with tears.

His body, aware of necessities that his brain had yet to discover, found some clothes and put them on.  He entered the world.


Author: karensnovemberbook

I am a textile artist, cafe owner and mother of two who has decided I don't have enough to do and so am going to write a novel in a month. Hey, it's easier with a clear deadline, right? Here goes. . .

2 thoughts on “Time To Change The Beginning.”

  1. I kind of like the letters first and then reverting back in time to his birth. All is excellent so just keep going. I love the little tidbits like “she knew that luck could slip away if you don’t hold on tight” etc.


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