16th day and 16th installment.  Thought I’d get more done on a day off, but had minutes and an agenda to write as well.


The creature was not aware when he arrived at the Belrive house that he had reached his destination.  This was not the address he was seeking as he had that of the Geneva House.  But water provides bearings so when he saw the lake in the distance that is where he headed.  And when he passed a small twig shelter he made note of it as the hour was getting late.

The family was quite right about William’s hut.  No one was living in it and the leaves had simply collected there.  In the fall the structure would have been, if not comfortable,  at least habitable, but the winds of winter and spring had removed most of the sticks that made up the roof.  However, believing that it had been used for shelter, William went about making improvements, and then put a blanket in for good measure, along with his piece of bread.  It looked quite a happy, if rustic, little abode upon the creature’s return.  The bread and blanket lead him to believe it must have some occupant so he rejected it for his own use.  He liked it though and studied it further for future reference.  It seemed a most useful design.  It was during this inspection that he heard the two boys approaching.  They had come to investigate whether anyone had made use of it yet and discussed the possibilities of this at such a volume that the creature soon came to understand that it was vacant, and according to the older of the pair doomed to remain so.  Ernest berated William enough about the blanket, and teased him enough about his invisible tenant and simply mistreated him so much on the subject, that the creature felt honourbound to inhabit the poor boy’s twig house, if only to defend the boy’s reputation.  When darkness fell and it seemed unlikely that the boys would be returning for yet another of their many inspections, the creature crept in, ate the bread and made use of the extra blanket for the night.  He awoke early so as to avoid observation, but took the time to collect and leave a gift of spring violets and clover in thanks and made certain to leave the blanket crumpled.

It was a short while later as he was carefully leaving, ducking into some overgrowth after finding himself some eggs, that he heard that all important name.  He hovered as close as he could in order to confirm that he hadn’t misheard, but it was not repeated.  He was fairly certain though, two labourers in discussion, and part of that discussion, Frankenstein.  It seemed he might be using the shelter another night.

William checked on his little house later in the morning.   It was just as he had hoped.  The boy, now entirely justified,  ran quickly back to the house to let everybody know that the bread was gone and about the gift left behind.  He started to plan what next to provide for his guest.


Author: karensnovemberbook

I am a textile artist, cafe owner and mother of two who has decided I don't have enough to do and so am going to write a novel in a month. Hey, it's easier with a clear deadline, right? Here goes. . .

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