Day 28 – b, Arrangements

Elizabeth and Agatha conferred on the incident involving Victor before lunch.

Agatha was very clear in her opinon.  “I am afraid, Elizabeth, that you are going to have to drop the matter of Justine, no matter how deeply felt.  I am not saying you must denounce her, just do not dwell on or bring up the subject.  I know that it is often a topic the two of you discuss.  Clearly, Victor is looking for the monster that killed his brother, a monster he believes is still out there.  And, judging from what you told me of this morning, anyone walking at night he condemns as the guilty party.  You don’t want this infatuation of his growing worse.”

“I fear you are right,” she said.  “But it is so hard.  To lose two that we loved so dearly.  I too am often caught up in the thoughts that this fiend still walks the earth, perhaps inflicting the same pain onto other families.  My heart breaks with the weight of it.”

“I am sorry, Elizabeth, but some of us are simply not allowed the same luxury of grief that is afforded to others.  And you, my dear friend, are one whose job it is to be stronger than others.  You have as much as said so to me in the past.”

Elizabeth had no choice but to agree with her friend.  She would let go the issue and find other topics when with Victor.  It seemed both their sanities rested on it.


When Mr. Frankenstein arrived home that evening he had news.

“Well, I have been to see the Leclercs to discuss the events of this morning and all has been sorted out.  They can see how Victor may have been startled by the sudden appearance of a man of Anton’s stature at that hour, especially given the terrible circumstances of this spring, and I have admitted that Victor should not be wandering about at that hour.  I have consented to compensate the young man for his pains and he for his part shall withdraw his complaint.  I have also agreed that Victor will remove himself from Geneva until he is in better health.  I think somewhere more rustic would lift his spirit.  Don’t you agree?”

Elizabeth was uncertain.  “But father, was that not rash?  We haven’t even spoken with Victor about the incident.  There may be a completely rational explanation for what transpired.  It may not have even been him.”

“I think we can be fairly certain that it was Victor and that he was in the wrong.  He has been behaving most irrationally and raving about monsters.  And he arrived home this morning with blood on him.  Your loyalty to him, Elizabeth, is most admirable, however, let’s not be foolish about it my dear.  But the situation is dealt with and we need not speak of it again.”

“Is Victor even capable of such a trip right now, father?” she asked.  “What if he is overcome and we are not there to help?”

“Victor will be fine once he finds himself in more pastoral surroundings.  I will let him know of what has been decided when he emerges.”


Victor was quite excited about the idea of leaving Geneva and suggested that he would visit Chamounix.  He had not been in the valley since leaving for university and missed it.  Elizabeth was concerned about him climbing up and down the mountains, but remained silent.

He had no explanation for the night before other that he he had been quite certain at the time that he had found the monster responsible for the deaths of Justine and his brother.  He felt quite badly for Anton Leclerc and hoped that he had not been too badly hurt.  His father assured him that the man was fine and had already forgiven him  for his actions.

Victor started planning his travels, already in finer spirits.  He actually ate dinner with his family that evening and other than continuously calling Agatha, Belle, spoke quite rationally while doing so.


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