Assignment 17 – glass shot

Last week of photo101 and suddenly I am way behind and, once again, out of order.  I did manage to take a bunch of glass shots at work the other say so here is assignment seventeen.  A photo done of or through a milk frother.  I enjoy what the lettering does around the glass.

milk frother - earth harvest cafe
Lettering goes both directions on a glass beaker.

Time for a landscape. Or two.

So time to get to that landscape assignment.

Yesterday was, of course, the day I went off to capture such a thing and then found all sorts of other marvelous images.  I did get a landscape too though, cropped it and got it ready, but thought I would post it next day as three posts in one day seemed excessive.  Well, I am ever so pleased that I waited, as the ice from Thursday night’s storm is still encasing things and on my way to work what do I see, but the most beautiful glass, almost gold, sailboats.  Quality-wise, the picture may not be the best as the boats are stored across the harbour and I had to crop quite a bit off to get them to really stand out.  I am happy all the same.

glass boats in Meaford after the ice storm - Elizabeth Lavenza blog
Ice turns the masts and rigging on stored boats into golden hued glass in the morning light.


And here is my original landscape taken at the bottom of my street.  I am actually very proud of this one as I do not usually take good landscape shots.  I find they’re usually anaemic and, well, dinky, when they should be impressive and grand.  This one though I think gives an idea of expanse.  Making it extra long helps.  And I like the way the truck anchors it in the one side.

Georgian Bay after ice storm - Elizabeth Lavenza blog
The Georgian Bay after the ice storm.


Small and precious – a photo on scale

As I mentioned previously, we are post ice-storm and I have been on the hunt for images.  And while looking at big things accidentally came across the most magical small things.  Some iced over weeds in a vacant lot taken from foot-level look majestic in front of some distant homes.

I am very pleased in that marvelous surprised way when things really and truly work.

ice and plant - Elizabeth Lavenza blog
Ice makes even the most mundane objects magical.

Ice and a pop of colour

Here it is Good Friday, so I have a day off and some time to catch up on my Photo101.  And it’s just after an ice storm so I have been having a lot of fun wandering about taking shots of ice, most not very successfully, but you just need a few, right.  Ice is a very tricky thing once it’s a little distance away.

So here is my colour pop photo.  I was actually wondering to the bottom of my street to take some landscape shots of the Georgian Bay when I saw this yellow wire cover.  Actually, I saw a red hydrant first, but it wasn’t doing it for me and then there was this glimpse of yellow amongst the bushes across the street.

yellow pop in ice and trees - Elizabeth Lavenza blog
Some man-made yellow peeks out from wood

Monochrome Exercise – because a machine is architecture too

Thought I would try to get another exercise done so here is my monochrome piece.  Only one behind now.   Of course the photo was taken at work.  I figure a cappuccino machine is an architectural piece, it’s an Italian machine after all.

I put the colour shot in as well, as it’s pretty much monochrome too with all that stainless steel.

coffee and gaggia - Earth Harvest Cafe
Pulling coffees with a great machine.
monochrome - Elizabeth Lavenza blog
Monochrome isn’t necessarily just black and white.

Motion and tumbling blocks

Well up goes today’s assignment, ahead of the last two, but I am plugging away.

Today I am putting up two shots of my son playing tumbling blocks and that dreaded moment when all your blocks come down.  The first shot shows the blurred actual tumble, but then looking over all my pictures of the enterprise, it seemed to me the second shot implied as much motion as the first showed, with the blurred hand in the corner and the terrible aftermath.  We all know that horrible moment when your tower collapses on you.  Or maybe the two pictures together complete the action.

Anyways, here they are.

tumbling blocks - Elizabeth Lavenza blog
Oh no! Down they come.
aftermath - Elizabeth Lavenza blog
And the sad aftermath.

Looking into the dark

Well, finally got my dark shot up.  Does that make last week finished?  Tried a few things involving flash lights, but they were kind of dead.  Then tonight I tucked in my little guy and gave him a snuggle and found myself looking at the foot of his bottom bunk and there was the shot.  That magic place in the dark beyond the foot of the bed with the promise of the light outside your room.

bedpost at night - Elizabeth Lavenza blog

Quality of Light

Well after doing so well the first half of the week along came assignment nine on the quality of light and what happened?  We had our darkest, drabbest day filled with rain and sleet and snow.  And plenty of cloud cover.  No directional light at all!  And did I mention dark?  Yuck!  They don’t call it Grey County for nothing, as my husband says.

But today is bright, sunny and beautiful.  Of course I am at work for all this sun so folks are getting a work shot.  Between stirring of soups.  In fact I just turned the stove down this very moment.  Did you notice?

For my sunny shot, I have done what I never do, which is take a photo with the light facing me.  I have always believed this to be a no-no.  But guess what?  It worked beautifully.  So here is sun streaming through a glass coffee pot (as well as a rather messy window) with the street beyond.  I am quite pleased.  Especially as the coffee pot is such a bright, cheerful colour.  A nice warm shot I think.

coffee pot in sun - earth harvest cafe in Meaford
Sun through glass and a glimpse of wood makes for a warm picture.

Georgian Bay photos

Well, I was so pleased with my harbour shots yesterday I thought I would do some more water shots for today’s nature assignment.  I usually find water shots problematic, but done from a lower vantage point seems to help in terms of scale.

I have taken these pictures from the side as opposed to straight on and I really like the triangle formed by the beach edge and the horizon.  Especially on the first shot, where the clouds angle down to meet the same point.  And the second shot, where the lines point to the right seems to be calmer than the first where the lines meet on the left.  In fact, I had to choose a calmer water shot because the activity of the waves seemed to be opposed to the mood of the actual composition.

Georgian Bay Meaford Ontario - Elizabeth Lavenza blog
Sky meets water in an interesting angle

Georgian Bay, Meaford Ontario - earth harvest cafe


Something big

Another day and another photo that is actually on topic.  Something big.

Now, I live in a small town and there isn’t much here above three stories.  But we are on a very big piece of water, the Georgian Bay.  And coming home from work there was a big fog on the bay.  So here is my attempt at capturing fog on the inner harbour.  Taken from as near the ground as possible.

Fog rolls in on a damp afternoon.