Sun, ah what bliss

Well, now to bliss.  I wonder if I will be ping ponging all these assignments.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.

It’s really taken me a while to find a blissful moment, but the sun came out full force this morning and looked like it meant to stay for more than a few moments.  And suddenly my cafe was deserted and I still had warm muffins, enough to allow eating one anyway.  So here is my photo.  A vegan banana chocolate chip muffin with a strong americano, dishes and baking done and warm, warm sun streaming through the window.  One of those happy, stolen moments, even if the sun is showing me just how dirty my windows are.

sun and muffin is bliss - earth harvest cafe
Sun and stolen moments bring the sweetest happiness.

Author: karensnovemberbook

I am a textile artist, cafe owner and mother of two who has decided I don't have enough to do and so am going to write a novel in a month. Hey, it's easier with a clear deadline, right? Here goes. . .

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