Connecting through road hockey

Assignment six and photos on connection and classic road hockey.

It’s March Break here and perfect weather for playing hockey outdoors.  And if you’re Canadian (and I suspect from some of the more northern United States also) that means road hockey.  So here’s some photos of my sons and their friends connecting with each other and with generations before them as they have a pick up game of hockey.  Out on the road.

When I was a kid every residential street had someone with a net that got pulled out onto the street and pretty much stayed there until the snow fell.  In this age, alas, you don’t really see them much as most of the kids are inside playing video games and hockey nets are no longer part of the landscape so the boys out there make me feel particularly nostalgic.  Although I realize that the boys I thought of as so big at the time were probably no bigger than my oldest, in other words, just kids.

I hope folks are having a good week and that my boys are not alone in their game.

road hockey - Elizabeth Lavenza blog
This used to be commonplace when I was a kid.
hockey boys - Elizabeth Lavenza blog
Get that ball!!
Car!!! - Elizabeth Lavenza blog

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