A small triumph

It’s fascinating the things you discover during exercises like these ones.  After assuming I was going to take photos of some of the large trees around our house as large, heroic subjects that have triumphed over time and all it has to offer, what do I actually submit?  A plate of food.  I suppose I gravitate to the domestic.

I have to explain though, that this afternoon I managed to make the perfect stir fried veggie noodles.  This was a great victory for me as I never seem to get my noodles or rice to finish at the right time for the veggies which tend to be overcooked and a rather dismal khaki.  Or I burn my onions (fortunately the one vegetable you can burn without too many issues) which paints everything brown and adds ashen flecks.  Anyways, although always tasty, I have never made a pretty stir fry.  Today however, I nailed it.  The broccoli was the perfect colour, the purple cabbage stayed crunchy and didn’t turn everything else red and the onions did not in any way burn or overcook.  Add to it that the sauce did not overpower the rest, either visually or taste wise and it was perfect.

As the plate provided a fairly reasonable white balance, even under artificial light, it didn’t need much in the way of tweaking, just upping the brightness and saturation a smidge.  So here is my triumph, a pretty udon noodle dish right out of a cook book.

a perfect stir fried noodle at last - karen from earth harvest cafe, Meaford
A pretty dish of noodles makes for a tasty triumph.

Little treasures

Finally getting up exercise 16, treasures.  Took a pile of shots of my youngest’s Lego creations in a number of locations and a number of angles.  None of which looked in any way precious.  But then I was playing with yarn scraps in the most glorious jewel colours, and making a very sweet pair of fingerless mitts I might add, and there it was.  My treasure.  It’s the little things in life, isn’t it.

I played with framing too, because we enclose our treasures in something usually.

little treasures - knitterwithoutanet
Treasures are usually the little things, not the big ones.


Edges – biscotti slices

Onto exercise eighteen, edges and alignment.  And as I was decorating my many slices of biscotti (made with fennel seeds, I was experimenting with more than photography this week and very successfully I would like to add) it seemed to me that I had a nice grouping of edges to align.  I moved my board near a window and took a bunch of shots at a bunch of different angles and this is what I ended up with.  Quite a nice composition I think.  Didn’t take much tweaking as far as angles go.  Although I am afraid I aligned my biscuits with the corners, not an outer edge, but it seemed much more dynamic that way.  Baking lined up squarely can be a bit boring.

chai tea biscotti slices - earth harvest cafe, Meaford
I cheated a bit by aligning these biscotti with the corners, not an edge.

Now to decide what to call my newest creations.

Seeing double

Well, as I was posting my glass photo and pondering what to do about doubles as that sounded like a simple enough thing to set up for a hoarder like myself, what do I see but my son on TWO screens.  We are forever trying to get him off those things and there he is with two.  Honestly!

I played a bit with rotation and so I am putting up two different versions.  Doubles!

The first shot is actually my second more extreme rotation and the second was my first, more conservative rotation.

2 screens, rotated - Elizabeth Lavenza blo
An extreme rotation putting me in mind of graphic novels and film noir.
seeing double - Elizabeth Lavenza blog
This one I just moved slightly and is more staid