About Karen and Frankenstein and Elizabeth Lavenza

A mad man commissions a ship to take him to the North Pole in hopes of finding a tropical paradise and comes across another mad man in the ice floes who tells him a tale of a terrible creature, dead and brought to  life — a monster that he himself created.  And though related by one mad man and passed on by another, this tale is the one that stands, a being is created and rejected and murders those his creator loves.  But what if we have been lied to?  What if we cannot trust what we have been told because the teller cannot afford to tell the truth?

Hello, my name is Karen.  I read.  And I write.  And I think.  And I think what we have been told does not make sense.  So I am here to tell a different tale.  I am here to tell you the story of Victor Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s creature and the doomed Elizabeth Lavenza, Victor’s adopted sister and betrothed.  It is a tale that Victor would never admit to.

Started as my first attempt at a novel in a month during NaNoWriMo 2015, I thought that the already existing plot would be of help while I just had to make myself sit down and type.  But a novel is still a novel, no matter where it came from, and I am still the distracted person I am.  I hit 28,000 words, 22,000 words shy.  However, I type on as I work to turn myself into the writer I keep telling myself I am.

I hope you enjoy my take on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.  Thank you.