Yawn – What Bores You — a response

( YAWN )
Day eleven into Blogging 101 and my response to the daily prompt — Yawn – what bores you.

One day my family’s sewer backed up and I was the one to stay home and let the public works guys in.  They went into the basement and I trailed behind, stopping on the steps to sit and watch.  They asked if we ever flushed kleenex or paper towel down the toilet – a big no-no — and explained the reasons for this.  I assured them I did not.  I listened to them talk about sewage and drains while they worked away.  It was fascinating.  They asked if I had an old wire coat-hanger, not a new flimsy one, but a good strong old one.  I told them I knew what they were after, and yes, I had one.  This excited them and I went and fetched it for them.  They turned it into a modern sculpture and used it to fish something out of the trap.  “Can we keep the coat hanger?”  “Of course!”  I was excited too.  I enjoyed the morning very much.

I find the strangest things to be fascinating.  Things that I think most people would find excruciating I find hugely interesting.  Take me to a shopping mall and I am bored beyond belief.  My husband puts a romantic movie on for me and I am likely to go to bed early.  But, I am the one at the party quite happy to sit beside someone who speaks for an hour about his job.  I find if someone enjoys what they are talking about that I enjoy listening.  “Our Alice” who everyone in my family dreaded visiting — “she’s always complaining” — was someone I liked to go and see.  I have never been blind, old and suffering back problems.  Did you know that whey your back is out that you take shorter steps and consequently bang into everything?  Nothing is where you think it should be.  It’s true.  And she didn’t complain.  She just talked about what she knew.  Wonderful.

Maybe I’m built backwards.  Maybe it’s a writer thing.  But no, not much bores me.