Things I’m Proud of

Things I’m Proud of — In response to the daily prompt Toot Your Horn

I am not someone who usually brags about things, or calls attention to herself in general.  It always surprises me when something works really well or if I am complimented for any reason.  And I can get quite awkward if people are too nice to me.  But recently I have begun to understand that I really do some things very well.

You see I have a small vegetarian cafe (check out Earth Harvest Cafe if you ever find yourself in the little town of Meaford, Ontario) where I do my small, humble thing with soups and wraps and baked goods.  And people do rave.  And I do go quiet and various shades of red.

My husband gets quite annoyed with me because obviously if you have a cafe/shop you should sell things to people — promote yourself and your goods.  He is a gregarious sales type of guy and our day’s total is always up when he is on.  But me, I like to play and make stuff.  That’s what I love most about having the business I have.  I don’t necessarily feel comfortable about telling people about what I have made afterwards though, no matter how happy I may be with them.  However, I am getting better at this as I go along.  Especially as I am beginning to realize that I do make some very fine things.  I am more apt to boast on Instagram though, than in person.  And as it seems most of my followers overseas this is probably not very helpful.  But I’m getting there.

I made some amazing orange espresso truffles on Saturday and I had to tell folks about that.  It was my very own recipe made with my very own candied peel.  Do you ever amaze yourself with something?  That’s what those truffles were like.  I wasn’t so much proud as amazed that they somehow came out of me.  I think that’s how our best accomplishments are — wonderful, amazing surprises.  Partially planned certainly, but somehow exceeding all our expectations.  I’m a Christian so I put it down to divine inspiration, although I know many would argue with that.  Perhaps that’s why I am hesitant to boast, because I don’t see what I do as entirely coming from me.  Perhaps I’m just shy.

Anyway, let me tell you, I sure can make divine truffles.  I’ll tell you about my shortbread and biscotti another time, when I’m feeling more forward and confident in my boasts.

handmade hand-dipped truffles- earth harvest cafe