Looking into the dark

Well, finally got my dark shot up.  Does that make last week finished?  Tried a few things involving flash lights, but they were kind of dead.  Then tonight I tucked in my little guy and gave him a snuggle and found myself looking at the foot of his bottom bunk and there was the shot.  That magic place in the dark beyond the foot of the bed with the promise of the light outside your room.

bedpost at night - Elizabeth Lavenza blog

Quality of Light

Well after doing so well the first half of the week along came assignment nine on the quality of light and what happened?  We had our darkest, drabbest day filled with rain and sleet and snow.  And plenty of cloud cover.  No directional light at all!  And did I mention dark?  Yuck!  They don’t call it Grey County for nothing, as my husband says.

But today is bright, sunny and beautiful.  Of course I am at work for all this sun so folks are getting a work shot.  Between stirring of soups.  In fact I just turned the stove down this very moment.  Did you notice?

For my sunny shot, I have done what I never do, which is take a photo with the light facing me.  I have always believed this to be a no-no.  But guess what?  It worked beautifully.  So here is sun streaming through a glass coffee pot (as well as a rather messy window) with the street beyond.  I am quite pleased.  Especially as the coffee pot is such a bright, cheerful colour.  A nice warm shot I think.

coffee pot in sun - earth harvest cafe in Meaford
Sun through glass and a glimpse of wood makes for a warm picture.

Georgian Bay photos

Well, I was so pleased with my harbour shots yesterday I thought I would do some more water shots for today’s nature assignment.  I usually find water shots problematic, but done from a lower vantage point seems to help in terms of scale.

I have taken these pictures from the side as opposed to straight on and I really like the triangle formed by the beach edge and the horizon.  Especially on the first shot, where the clouds angle down to meet the same point.  And the second shot, where the lines point to the right seems to be calmer than the first where the lines meet on the left.  In fact, I had to choose a calmer water shot because the activity of the waves seemed to be opposed to the mood of the actual composition.

Georgian Bay Meaford Ontario - Elizabeth Lavenza blog
Sky meets water in an interesting angle

Georgian Bay, Meaford Ontario - earth harvest cafe


Something big

Another day and another photo that is actually on topic.  Something big.

Now, I live in a small town and there isn’t much here above three stories.  But we are on a very big piece of water, the Georgian Bay.  And coming home from work there was a big fog on the bay.  So here is my attempt at capturing fog on the inner harbour.  Taken from as near the ground as possible.

Fog rolls in on a damp afternoon.

Connecting through road hockey

Assignment six and photos on connection and classic road hockey.

It’s March Break here and perfect weather for playing hockey outdoors.  And if you’re Canadian (and I suspect from some of the more northern United States also) that means road hockey.  So here’s some photos of my sons and their friends connecting with each other and with generations before them as they have a pick up game of hockey.  Out on the road.

When I was a kid every residential street had someone with a net that got pulled out onto the street and pretty much stayed there until the snow fell.  In this age, alas, you don’t really see them much as most of the kids are inside playing video games and hockey nets are no longer part of the landscape so the boys out there make me feel particularly nostalgic.  Although I realize that the boys I thought of as so big at the time were probably no bigger than my oldest, in other words, just kids.

I hope folks are having a good week and that my boys are not alone in their game.

road hockey - Elizabeth Lavenza blog
This used to be commonplace when I was a kid.
hockey boys - Elizabeth Lavenza blog
Get that ball!!
Car!!! - Elizabeth Lavenza blog

Sun, ah what bliss

Well, now to bliss.  I wonder if I will be ping ponging all these assignments.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.

It’s really taken me a while to find a blissful moment, but the sun came out full force this morning and looked like it meant to stay for more than a few moments.  And suddenly my cafe was deserted and I still had warm muffins, enough to allow eating one anyway.  So here is my photo.  A vegan banana chocolate chip muffin with a strong americano, dishes and baking done and warm, warm sun streaming through the window.  One of those happy, stolen moments, even if the sun is showing me just how dirty my windows are.

sun and muffin is bliss - earth harvest cafe
Sun and stolen moments bring the sweetest happiness.

Lonely Sled


abandoned sled - Elizabeth Lavenza blog

So, somehow I am out of order again.  I have skipped Bliss and moved ahead to Solitude, but my son’s sled abandoned on a now snowless yard just looked so alone that I had to take some shots of it.  I am obviously thinking of the more lonely aspects of solitude.  At least I hope that’s obvious.  And I flipped the photo so that the sled occupies the right side of the picture where it has more presence.

It’s hard to believe that a week ago the snow was up to my knees.

Now to find my bliss.

Streetscape – Where is it Leading?


Well, assignment two, after assignment three, and this is the streetscape I chose.   I look down this street every day.  Most of the houses are derelict and will likely be torn down and I don’t know what is to happen to the old theatre.  Rumours abound.  But I know it isn’t condemned the way folks insist as it is inhabited upstairs.  Our poor town, alas, is in that most terrible state of transition, modernization.  About a third of our historical downtown is slated to come down.  It makes me very sad.

I’m thinking this was the worst time to take a photo course.  March is such a dismal, grey month.

Water – is not what you always want it to be


watery ski hill - Elizabeth Lavenza blog

Assignment 3 – Water

I live on a large body of water, the Georgian Bay, and that is what I assumed I would be photographing for this day’s photo theme.  However today was such a grey day and such a yucky, murky water sort of day, for both the bay and the river flowing into it, that not a decent shot was to be had.  I thought I would be waiting another day, but when I accompanied the kids to the ski hill for our youngest’s last ski lesson, what was I surrounded by, but an awful lot of water.  Of course, water was not what the folks on the ski hill were looking for, at least not in its liquid form.

Alas, still have a street shot to find, but not as far behind as I was at the beginning of this day.

Home – a photo

boot tray - Elizabeth Lavenza blog

Well, after a day or so of pondering, here is my photo in response to the idea of home.  And a mucky shot it is.  Because let’s face it, no matter how we may think of home in theory, in practice it is a hectic place, even if you are the only resident of that home — and I am most certainly not alone in my home.  I have an active husband and two very busy boys.  And it is the muddy end of winter, where my entrance is a particular disaster of boy and man stuff.  My boot tray the neatest area, with the bag of skates and the basket of ski gear on the floor on the other side of the door, the wet socks on the heating vent behind me.

So yes, here is my symbol of home, that transition between inside and outside that makes up my entranceway, or exit as the occasion requires.  A disorganized area full of good intentions, activity and the promise of a place to return to after a busy day.  Just take off your shoes and come in.