Edges – biscotti slices

Onto exercise eighteen, edges and alignment.  And as I was decorating my many slices of biscotti (made with fennel seeds, I was experimenting with more than photography this week and very successfully I would like to add) it seemed to me that I had a nice grouping of edges to align.  I moved my board near a window and took a bunch of shots at a bunch of different angles and this is what I ended up with.  Quite a nice composition I think.  Didn’t take much tweaking as far as angles go.  Although I am afraid I aligned my biscuits with the corners, not an outer edge, but it seemed much more dynamic that way.  Baking lined up squarely can be a bit boring.

chai tea biscotti slices - earth harvest cafe, Meaford
I cheated a bit by aligning these biscotti with the corners, not an edge.

Now to decide what to call my newest creations.