Quality of Light

Well after doing so well the first half of the week along came assignment nine on the quality of light and what happened?  We had our darkest, drabbest day filled with rain and sleet and snow.  And plenty of cloud cover.  No directional light at all!  And did I mention dark?  Yuck!  They don’t call it Grey County for nothing, as my husband says.

But today is bright, sunny and beautiful.  Of course I am at work for all this sun so folks are getting a work shot.  Between stirring of soups.  In fact I just turned the stove down this very moment.  Did you notice?

For my sunny shot, I have done what I never do, which is take a photo with the light facing me.  I have always believed this to be a no-no.  But guess what?  It worked beautifully.  So here is sun streaming through a glass coffee pot (as well as a rather messy window) with the street beyond.  I am quite pleased.  Especially as the coffee pot is such a bright, cheerful colour.  A nice warm shot I think.

coffee pot in sun - earth harvest cafe in Meaford
Sun through glass and a glimpse of wood makes for a warm picture.